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EDIT ME — I have a long name and I’m sick of typing it

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Great post for authors. Everyone should know this

Hardworking Heroes

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I once wrote a book (no longer in circulation) with a character by the name of Wynnemarie. Not that fun to type, especially when you’re in the middle of a sex scene and Wynnemarie’s limbs are flying and she’s bucking and moaning and yeah, you get the point.

Do you have a long or annoying name to type? Here’s a tip on making your Word program automatically fill it in.

1. In word find the FILE tab and open it

2. scroll down to OPTIONS



5. another smaller box opens. find AUTOCORRECT again

6. in this box you’ll see a space that says REPLACE and WITH

7. type your word into WITH and something short in the REPLACE. Example: Wynnemarie goes into WITH. Wynn goes into REPLACE.

You’re welcome. 😀


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