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Seven Sentence Snippet Saturday

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Welcome to our Seven Sentence Snippet Saturday. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for not having got this blog off the ground better. I have been rather unwell but now we’re ready to go. I have three great authors this week.

First we have Glynnis Campbell with a snippet from The Outcast – a novella from The Winter Stone collection.

 1013593_10203908988431974_7272280517954185044_n  “Hand over the lass, and we’ll leave ye to your affairs.”
    Lachlan wondered what on earth a wee lass could have done to incur the wrath of this mob.  Two of the villagers had their daggers drawn, four more wielded spades, and all of them had feverish fire in their eyes.  He didn’t care if the woman had butchered their livestock and set their fields on fire.  ‘Twas an unfair fight, and he didn’t like unfair fights.
    “Lass?” he dared them.  “What lass?”

You can buy it from Monday 21st April 2014 from Amazon –


We also have with us Lily Baldwin and her Scottish historical romance Highland Thunder from her Isle of Mull series.


As she retreated, cold dread stiffened his limbs, and he again searched for the right words to sway her mind. He considered telling her the truth—she was the breath that fed his body. She existed so that the world held something worthy enough for the sun to shine upon.

He took a deep breath ready to bare his soul, but then she stopped and looked back at him. “Are you coming?” she said.

His heart lay on his tongue. Words he swallowed time and again ached for release.

Highland Thunder is available at Amazon now

If any authors would like their seven sentence snippets posted next Saturday, please send your seven sentences, a buy link along with your name and the name of the book to


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