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Seven Sentence Snippet Saturday

Welcome to our very first blog post. Kilts, Cravats and Chivalry is a blog which is dedicated to bringing you the best of historical romance books, from early civilisations until the mid 20th Century. If there are any ideas for features you would like to see, we are all ears.

Saturdays will be “Seven Sentence Snippet Saturday.” We will ask authors to give us seven sentences from a book they have published or are about to publish. If it whets your appetite, we’ll give you a buy link to help you find it. Please feel free to leave feedback for our authors today.

First up is Tarah Scott with a snippet from My Highland Love.

download (1)She raised her hands to shield herself from his advance and her palms met the unexpected warmth of his chest. She gaped at her fingers splayed across tanned skin where his shirt lay open, and her senses reeled at the raw power in the heavy rise and fall of his chest.

“Lord,” she whispered, and yanked her hands away.The vague realization that strong fingers had gripped her wrists was overshadowed by the jolt she felt when Marcus forced her hands back to his chest. Her mind screamed to break free, but the sight of her palms gliding over his dark skin—the need to touch every contour, to know intimately his powerful body—held her rooted to the spot. She tore her gaze from his chest and looked into his eyes. The fire blazing there drew her—commanded her—and she leaned into him.

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Second up is Em Taylor with a snippet from Saved by a Rake.1384362_208280242680185_111637882_n

“I admire you greatly, Rebecca. You have strength and courage and you have not bowed to the gossips of the Ton. You have held your head high with grace and beauty. An innocent bride is only innocent for a very short time after her wedding, then she is just like any other woman.”

“I am scared, my lord—afraid of being intimate with another man.”

“Love between a man and a woman—between us—would be very different from your ordeal. I would never hurt you and if you said no, I would never force my attentions nor my body upon you.”

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